ANN ARBOR HAS some of the BEST FOOD THE MIDWEST HAS TO OFFER. WE AREN'T KIDDING. We're "FOODIES" here at and This is our favorite section. we believe these are must-eat spots!




Ann arbor has to be one of the top spots for entertainment and leisure. from kayaking down the huron river to live music in liberty square to great shopping downtown, you will surely find something that fits what you're looking for!




no doubt about it, ann arbor is a great place for families. THESE ARE OUR CURRENT TOP SPOTS TO TAKE people OF ALL AGES - including your littlest explorers! 



We love this city - and it's an honor to be a small part of it. refuge church is a brand new church currently located in the heart of burns park, not far from the university of michigan's campus and the downtown area. it is our desire to be known for what we ARE absolutely crazy about: jesus, the people of ann arbor and its surrounding areas. many churches in today's culture are known for what they dislike - we want to be known for what we love. feel free to check out our website,, for more information.


Our Church

1320 Baldwin Ave.
Ann Arbor, Mi, 48197


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